Chain-L High Mileage Oil x 1 Bottle

On our travels Stateside we kept seeing this rather interesting looking bottle on the shelves of all of our favourite bike shops. We bought some, tried it ourselves, loved it and had to share it with you. So we tracked down Francis, the name behind the company. He began developing Chain-L in 2006 to satisfy what he believes are the three most important requirements of a chain lubricant: Lubrication, Lubrication and Lubrication !!

We love the fact that is is made by a small, innovative company in New York who have taken an old school approach to lubrication, added rust inhibitors and designed it specifically for bike use…..and that bottle looks great. It always gets good reviews… said it ws the finest wet lube they had come across.

While properties like external cleanliness may seem important, the fact is that internal wear of the 112 overloaded, overworked and overlooked bearings is what destroys chains. A road cyclist, riding hiigh-end equipment, will typically wear a chain out in as little as 50 hours of use – often destroying the cassette or chainrings in the process. On a high-end bike, drive train, wear is the most expensive maintenance cost per mile.

Chains operate at extremely high bearing loads, generally over two thirds of the load of the bottom bracket, which has vastly larger ball bearings. At these pressures, any material will wear away at the point of contact.Typically, five thousandths of an inch of steel will be worn off the chain pin and inner plates in 50-100 hours of riding time, so you can imagine how long a thin, dry lubricating film might last. The solution lies in wetting action whereby the lubricant re-applies itself to the contact zone after each cycle. Dry lubes can’t do that.

Is it only for road bikes ? From a wear point of view, all road and mountain bikes chains are the same. They wear internally as they flex onto and off of the sprockets and this is independent of what happens on the outside. Chain-L was originally targeted at the high-mileage road cyclist. Later, he learned that mountain bikers also benefitted though they might adjust the basic approach by leaving excess oil on the outside for extremely wet or muddy conditions where its going to be messy anyway, or wiping the outside as dry as possible for dusty conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: We also offer a money saving 3 bottle pack where you save on the bottle price and shipping. The price for 3 bottles of oil is £ 22. If you would like this, go to the separate 3 pack oil, don’t put 3 botlles in the basket here.

The UK shipping for one botlle is £2.75, for 3 bottles it is £2.95.
For Europe, shipping for one bottle is £ 4, for 3 bottles it is £ 6.