5186SKqdM7L. SS1000

ZHTT 26-Inch Road Bicycles, 24-Speed Bikes, Men’s And Women Adult-Only, High Carbon Steel Frame, Road Bicycle Racing…

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Simple and complicated: Lightweight wind-breaking line modeling, getting rid of the previous rigid upright modeling, using bent pipes at the front and back respectively, has higher upwind passing rate, better impact buffering performance, lightweight wind-breaking frame, lighter overall weight, and more labor-saving riding.
Special speed change: with broken arm design, the speed change process is faster, more accurate and has higher self-determination. Eight positioning tower wheels are made of fine steel material and are finished by CNC machining. The self-determined tilting angle can make the chain easily enter the grass and make the speed change faster and smoother.
Mechanical double disc brake: fast braking. the braking system adopts special mechanical disc brake for mountain bikes. the mechanical disc brake can ignore bad weather and can still brake easily, providing you with more powerful protection.

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